Teachener E-Book

The modern society is becoming much more aware of the surrounding technology and its influence. Energy related issues are brought up in communities, media, official regulations. An average person stops being a passive recipient of energy and becomes an active member of the energy market. It is becoming increasingly difficult for engineers to talk to such people. Engineers tend to be guided just by technology without taking into account the human factor.

Who is then needed to talk to the society? Engineer? Sociologist? Maybe both?

The TEACHENER EDUKIT is a complete package that answers this questions. With more than 500 pages of ready-to-use materials, it is a gap filling package that will allow future engineers to understand, talk to and cooperate with the society. The TEACHENER EDUKIT provides university of technology teachers with all they will ever need to turn their students in to not only engineers, but into skilled communicators. Just take a look inside – it’s all there!

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